16 August 2011

Wow it’s been awhile. That doesn’t mean I haven’t been using my TMX – no, dear reader, do not make that assumption! It means my tendency towards focussing intently on one thing at time has been drawn to other matters.

However, in the last few days, I have made:

Salted maple syrup ice cream from the forum
Strawberry sauce
Vanilla ice cream
Refrigerator cookies
Beef stroganoff from EDC
Bacon and cheese rolls

…to name a few things!

I should also add that I was in the USA for a couple of months, so I had to revert to life without the TMX. ¬†Whilst the trip was great, this aspect of it was not! ¬†Way too much (albeit really good) pizza consumed as a result…

30 january 2010

Pop corn brunch bars

Yoghurt ice cream

Raspberry coulis

Golden chicken parcels

29 january 2010

Banana smoothie

Boiled eggs

Guenter’s crisp crackers from A Taste of Vegetarian cookbook

20 january 2011

French oat cakes from ‘A Taste of Vegetarian’ TMX cookbook

Play dough from EDC

Cheese pate from ‘A Taste of Vegetarian’ TMX cookbook

Boutique salt from ‘A Taste of Vegetarian’ TMX cookbook

Spelt and chicken salad from ‘Full Steam Ahead’ TMX cookbook

Strawberry thickshake

11 january 2011

High protein diet plus flash flooding = not much TMX-ing

7 january 2011

Steamed beetroot in varoma for beetroot and goat cheese salad inspired by jamie oliver

Ice cream

Tomato relish

6 january 2011

Ground cinnamon

Wholemeal bread

Refried beans, coriander salsa, Mexican dip (Cyndi O’Meara)

Mango lassi